Promoting public awareness of the deep sea is an important aspect of what I do. I - along with my fellow deep-sea ecologists - hope to banish the 'out of sight, out of mind' mentality that has led to the wanton destruction of fragile and vitally important ecosystems.

My outreach efforts have ranged from recording an episode of the BBC Radio 4 program Costing the Earth and appearing in a National Geographic series to interviews with news websites ( e.g. BBC, Buzzfeed, ITV, The Daily Mail, IBTimes) and contributing to best-selling books.

I'm always happy to provide expert advice on deep-sea life; especially the Hoff crabs which I co-discovered and nicknamed, which regularly feature in articles on “weird and wonderful” deep-sea creatures and has very much entered the public consciousness.

Here is a select list of media links:


The Alien Deep with Bob Ballard (2012) - interview 


Costing The Earth (2010) - recorded segment 


The Brilliant Abyss by Helen Scales - scientific consultant

Britains Distant Seas by Stewart McPherson - contributor

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